Concerts: John Cage

Elisenda's exam

Kick the Can

when:   April 27, 2010
name:   Eindexam Elisenda Pujals
where:   Koninklijk Conservatorium
performers:   Elisenda Pujals
Teodora Stepančić
composers:   John Cage
Erik Satie
genres:   Early Music
photos:   18

when:   April 13, 2010
name:   Kick the Can
where:   van Rotterdam t/m Den Haag
ensemble:   Acid Police
performers:   Jeremiah Runnels
Kornilios Selamsis
composers:   Louis Andriessen
John Cage
Ofir Klemperer
pieces:   De Staat
ook series concertposters
genres:   Contemporary
photos:   605

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