Concerts: Ritual

MAE Dissolve

Nutshuis 2009.02

when:   April 14, 2010
name:   Dissolve: Rituals
where:   Studio LOOS
ensemble:   MAE Ensemble
composers:   Teodora Stepančić
Jasna Veličković
Hugo Morales
pieces:   Everybody pays attention to the things in space, but nobody pays attention to the space itself
genres:   Contemporary
photos:   268

when:   February 15, 2009
name:   Nutshuis TEST
where:   Nutshuis
performers:   Jiří Kadeřábek
Emma Elkinson
Germaine Sijstermans
composers:   Rob Manthey
Teodora Stepančić
pieces:   Ritual
Stairs piece
genres:   Contemporary
photos:   28

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