Nicole Kidman Memorial Theater

Nicole Kidman Memorial TheaterNicole Kidman Memorial TheaterNicole Kidman Memorial Theater

A torn paper is not bad thing to happen. Summing pieces together can give a result that is stronger than any unity representing the same thing. You take the artistic considerations, separate them from financial concerns that they also relate to, then multiply them with the value of the audience, the intentions of the artists and the creation of the atmosphere, and finally do the integration. The outcome is something that according to the model is now based of artistic capital.

Nicole Kidman Memorial Theater is about recognizing the mutual necessity and duty the performers and audience ask from each other. The economy of artistic capital and peer based respect and the desire to create a performance space that is completely independent of outside concerns of pressure lead each time again to a new Nicole Kidman Memorial Theater Production.

The invitation only perspective is a device that is used for this purpose.

A theater believing in its future will never perish.

Visit the website at www.nicolekidmanmemorialtheater.com.

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